Cheating Flowers

© Bill Miles 2014

Those pretty flowers
They’re from me
I thought this’d be the perfect occasion to celebrate

Verse 1
I’ve taken my time yeah,
And watched you crossed that line
Today’s the day you find out I’m not blind

You know your cheating flowers
They’re from me
The man who used to love you and give you everything

Now you’ve got cheating flowers
Pretty cheating flowers

Verse 2
Just like love
When left on the vine
They can last all season and return for a lifetime

But now that they’re cut
It won’t be long
In a few days, just like me, they’ll be gone

Cheating flowers
Cheating flowers
Pretty cheating flowers

Verse 3
When your friend calls
He got some too
Tell him they’re from me and he can have you

No hard feelings no no
He’s come this far
And he deserves something for getting you away from my heart

Cheating flowers
He got some cheating flowers

Verse 4
And please let him know
That I included a note
In the bouquet I sent his wife a few hours ago

I included your number
She’d probably like to talk to you
Cause she’s like me, she’s in love with a cheating fool

Cheating flowers
Cheating flowers
Pretty cheating flowers

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