Listen to Peace and Music, the title track of our debut CD

The Bill Miles Band is a rising star on the local and national Americana music scene. Formed in the Fall of 2012, we call the Hampton Roads area of Virginia home and we write and perform original music with hints of folk, country, rock, and blues.

Our music is often written in non-traditional chord progressions, and sometimes outside of normal key signatures, and the lyrics are wholesome yet compelling. We perform at many local venues and we invite other artists to cover our songs.

The Bill Miles Band is a collection of great local musicians who we drag up on stage and into the studio from time to time.

The Musicians
Bill Miles: Singer/ Songwriter
Glenn Woodell:  Bass
Charles Rose: Harmonica
Pete Owens: Drums
TJ Cavaliero: Drums
Nick White: Guitars
Sam Hogge: Electric guitar
Bill Moran: Electric guitar
Patrick Sierra: Drums
Steve Shellman: Drums
Bill Morris: Acoustic guitar
David Richardson: Vocals
Terry Firman: Drums
Bob Elliot: Drums
Jay Lane: Electric guitar
Chad Rosenbrock: Harmonica
Ben Lassiter: Dobro and electric guitar
Tom Helm: Electric guitar
Kevin Irish: Percussion
Annie Gainer: Vocals
Ray Bruce: Electric guitar
Tony Mata: Electric guitar

"A flowing, sometimes rambling American-folk sound, with Miles' voice curling in and out of the material like a country creek."
- Splash Magazine

"I really enjoy original music and this guy, Bill Miles, smokes it...a voice that is dead center of the note...playing a superb thump is Glenn Woodell...check them out around town"
- Don Hamlett

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  1. This is the first time I heard you guys, you guys are pretty good. i’am also in the music, I have a DJ service , called Miles of Music out of Saratoga Springs New York.

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